University of California, Berkeley August 2018 - May 2022

B.A. Computer Science - Junior GPA: 3.65
Relevant Coursework:
Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems Data Structures Computer Security Operating Systems and System Programming Artificial Intelligence Principles & Techniques of Data Science Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Machine Structures Database Systems

North Hollywood High School August 2014 - June 2018

Highly Gifted Magnet Program GPA: 4.5

Work Experience

HiGeorge - Reconnecting Labs June 2020 - present

Software Engineer Intern San Francisco, CA
  • Developed a full-stack data visualization tool using Python Flask, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Angular for integration into online news articles
  • Maintained ongoing communications with our CEO and business team to alter our product and company goals based on client feedback
  • Built an ETL data pipeline tool using Python and Apache Airflow, powering automated real-time updates for our visualizations
  • Collaborated with our UI design team to integrate new styles and interfaces into client deliverables and internal tools
  • Strategized weekly with the CEO and CTO to analyze patterns in user analytics and adjust development goals based on user behavior

Great Minds Robotics June 2017 - August 2019

Programming Instructor Los Angeles, CA
  • Guided students in learning to write computer programs using languages such as C#, JavaScript, C++, Java, and T-SQL
  • Leveraged knowledge of desktop, web, and database technologies to help students create websites, desktop apps, mobile apps, and games
  • Assisted students by demonstrating best practices for testing, debugging, and verifying program behavior
  • Additionally, taught an Arduino summer program featuring circuit building, C++ programming, and digital logic

Projects and Activities

Schoology Plus Browser Extension December 2017 - present

  • Created and developed an open source browser extension (using HTML/CSS/JS) which provides new features for and enhances existing capabilities of the learning management system Schoology which allows students to interact with their grades and coursework online
  • Implemented features such as "what-if" grade calculations, a customizable interface editor, theming engine, and improved UX
  • Composed and maintained comprehensive documentation of features, providing clear and detailed instructions for complex capabilities
  • Collected feedback by examining analytics, conducting surveys, and interacting with our users and contributors via an online chat community
  • Reaches over 30,000 monthly users (and growing!) from hundreds of schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District and elsewhere

CyberPatriot Cyber Defense Competition September 2014 - June 2018

  • Secured virtual machines running Windows and Linux desktop and server operating systems by identifying and fixing a variety of security vulnerabilities during a timed competition
  • Created and tested scripts (in C#, Batch, and Bash) to automate tedious tasks and assist team members in setting and verifying security policies
  • Devised strategies with team members to successfully defend our virtual systems from an attacking red team during the national finals
  • Achievements:
    • Placed 2nd from among over 3000 teams in the national CyberPatriot competition (2018)
    • Placed 1st (2018, 2016) and 2nd (2017) in the California Cyber Innovation Challenge, a state sponsored competition


Programming Languages

Proficient: C# • JavaScript/TypeScript • Python • Java • SQL
Working Knowledge: C • C++ • Bash • Go • Scheme/Lisp

Development Tools

Technologies: HTML • CSS/SCSS • MongoDB • Git • CI/CD • Unit Testing
Frameworks: Node.js • Angular • ASP.NET • Flask • Apache Airflow